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Organización Interprofesional del Huevo y sus Productos

What is INPROVO?

Inprovo is the interbranch organization of the egg and egg products. Interbranch organizations in Spain are regulated by law 38/1994, of 30 December, regulating agricultural interbranch organizations. They are instruments of collaboration and coordination between different actors in the food chain of a certain sector and contribute to its efficiency and transparency.

There is only one interbranch organization by sector at national level. Its approval and control corresponds to the Ministry of Agriculture.

The interprofessional organization Inprovo brings together national associations of operatorsin the egg food chain. They represent from production (farms) to marketing and food processing industries (packing centres and egg products industries).

It was founded on December 2, 1997 and was recognized as food interbranch organization by the Ministry of Agriculture on June 30, 1998. It is the meeting place where to take the decisions on the internal regulation of the sector in the areas defined by law and the interna rules.